Welcome to SauriCogs’ documentation!

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These cogs are made to work only with Red DiscordBot V3.

Contact me

There’s multiple ways to contact me. The best and fastest way is to join my own Discord server (SauriCord), assign yourself a role in #unlock-me and then head over to #sauricogs channel in the Social category. I have notifications turned on for that channel so you don’t need to ping me.

Other ways (slower) are: emailing me, opening an issue on my GitHub, or joining Red - Cog Support and pinging me there.

If you have any suggestions to my cogs, feel free to contact me, I’m very open to ideas.

How to install

[p] is your prefix.

To install any of my cogs, first load the Downloader:

[p]load downloader

Next, install the repository:

[p]repo add SauriCogs https://github.com/elijabesu/SauriCogs/

Finally, you can install the desired cog:

[p]cog install SauriCogs <cogs>