Lock @everyone from sending messages.

[p] is your prefix, <> is a required argument, [] is an optional argument.

Setting up

Start by running


Ignored channels

You may add channels into an ignored list by running

[p]lockignore <channel>

and remove them by running

[p]lockunignore <channel>

This will ensure that during server (un)lockdown, these channels will be kept the same without any change. Use this for channels like announcements.


If you DON’T use roles to access certain channels, skip to ‘Usage’.

If you DO use roles to access certain channels, your channel permissions need to be set a certain way for this cog to work.

Firstly, @everyone’s permissions should be set like this:


Secondly, the role(s)’s permissions should be set like this:



Mods may lock the channel, so that only they can type, by running


And letting everyone be able to type in the channel again, by running


If they wish to lock the entire server, they may use



This will overwrite ALL server’s channels’ permissions.

To unlock the server, type


List of commands

[p]locksetup – Go through the initial setup process.

[p]lockignore <channel> – Ignore a channel during server lock.

[p]lockunignore <channel> – Remove channels from the ignored list.

[p]lock – Lock @everyone from sending messages.

[p]unlock – Unlock the channel for @everyone.

[p]lockserver – Lock @everyone from sending messages in the entire server.

[p]unlockserver – Unlock the entire server for @everyone.