Collect cookies.

[p] is your prefix, <> is a required argument, [] is an optional argument.

Setting up

By default, members receive one cookie, cooldown is 24 hours, stealing is disabled and stealing cooldown is 12 hours.

You can set how many cookies members get by running

[p]setcookies amount <amount>

If you put amount as 0, the bot will ask you to put the minimum and maximum amount for a random amount.


To enable stealing, run

[p]setcookies steal

You can change the cooldowns with

[p]setcookies cooldown <seconds>


[p]setcookies stealcooldown <seconds>


Members collect cookies by simply running


To see how many they have, they can run


Cookie leaderboard can be seen by running


To give someone some of their cookies, they can run

[p]gift <target> <amount>

Stealing is done by running

[p]steal [target]

where target is optional, if not provided, it’s a randomly chosen member of the server. They can steal up to 50% of the target’s cookies.


Penalty for failing stealing can be up to 25% of the author’s (your) cookies.

List of commands

[p]cookie – Get your daily dose of cookies.

[p]steal [target] – Steal cookies from members. If [target] isn’t specified, target will be randomly chosen.

[p]gift <target> <amount> – Gift someone some yummy cookies.

[p]cookies [target] – Check how many cookies you have.

[p]cookielb – Display the server’s cookie leaderboard.

[p]setcookies amount <amount> – Set the amount of cookies members can obtain. If 0, members will get a random amount.

[p]setcookies cooldown <seconds> – Set the cooldown for [p]cookie. This is in seconds! Default is 86400 seconds (24 hours).

[p]setcookies stealcooldown <seconds> – Set the cooldown for [p]steal. This is in seconds! Default is 43200 seconds (12 hours).

[p]setcookies steal [on_off] – Toggle cookie stealing for current server. If on_off is not provided, the state will be flipped.

[p]setcookies set <target> <amount> – Set someone’s amount of cookies.

[p]setcookies add <target> <amount> – Add cookies to someone.

[p]setcookies take <target> <amount> – Take cookies away from someone.

[p]setcookies reset – Delete all cookies from all members.

[p]setcookies role add <role> <amount> – Set cookie reward for a role.

[p]setcookies role del <role> – Delete cookie rewards for a role.

[p]setcookies role show <role> – Show how many cookies a role gives.

[p]nostore – Cookie store.