Counting channel!

[p] is your prefix, <> is a required argument, [] is an optional argument.

Setting up

All you need to do is enable counting by running

[p]countchannel <channel>


After setting it up, you can start counting by sending the following number in the channel.


If the message isn’t just a number, it will be deleted.

If the message is a wrong number, it will be deleted.

If the number message is deleted, the bot replaces it.

List of commands

[p]countchannel [channel] – Set the counting channel. If channel isn’t provided, it will delete the current channel.

[p]countgoal [goal] – Set the counting goal. If goal isn’t provided, it will be deleted.

[p]countreset – Reset the counter and start from 0 again!

[p]countrole [role] - Add a whitelisted role.