Store add-on for SauriCogs’ Cookies cog.


You need SauriCogs’ Cookies cog installed, loaded and working.

[p] is your prefix, <> is a required argument, [] is an optional argument.

Setting up

Simply start by

[p]store toggle

and then

[p]store add

That’s all you need, the rest is optional.

Changing an item

You can change anything about any item in the store.


[p]store remove <item>

Showing information:

[p]store show <item>

Changing the price:

[p]store price <price> <item>

Changing the quantity:

[p]store quantity <quantity> <item>

Changing the redeemability:

[p]store redeemable <redeemable> <item>


Members can use their collected cookies to buy various things, such as roles, game keys, etc. by running

[p]buy [item]

If [item] is not provided or non-existent, it will act as [p]shop.


Members can only have one of one item.

To check the inventory, simply run


If the bought item is redeemable, they can then redeem it by running

[p]redeem <item>

If the bought item is returnable while also not redeemable or not redeemed (if redeemable), they can then return it by running

[p]return <item>

which will give them back half of the original price.

They can also simply remove it without getting any cookies back by running

[p]rminventory <item>

List of commands

[p]store toggle [on_off] – Toggle store for current server. If on_off is not provided, the state will be flipped.

[p]store add – Add a buyable item/role/game key.

[p]store remove <item> – Remove a buyable item/role/game key.

[p]store show <item> – Show information about a buyable item/role/game key.

[p]store price <price> <item> – Change the price of an existing buyable item.

[p]store quantity <quantity> <item> – Change the quantity of an existing buyable item.

[p]store redeemable <redeemable> <item> – Change the redeemable of an existing buyable item.

[p]store reset – Delete all items from the store.

[p]store ping [who] – Set the role/member that should be pinged when a member wants to redeem their item. If who isn’t provided, it will show the current ping set.

[p]store resetinventories – Delete all items from all members’ inventories.

[p]shop – Display the cookie store.

[p]buy [item] – Buy an item from the cookie store. If item isn’t provided, it will show the store.

[p]return <item> – Return an item, you will only get 50% of the price.

[p]inventory – See all items you own.

[p]rminventory <item> – Remove an item from your inventory.

[p]redeem <item> – Redeem an item from your inventory.